In 2009, God begin to move in the heart of several men and women to plant a new church in Birmingham. Led then by pastor David Nasser, a prominent speaker and evangelist, Christ City Church was birthed out of a "holy frustration" to be a church that understood it's primary function to be on mission for the gospel in it's local context - Birmingham. A core group began to meet regularly for Bible study, prayer, and vision-casting, and then in 2010, on Good Friday, Christ City Church launched the first of four pre-launch city gatherings. Pastor Nasser launched vision that Good Friday about a church modeled after the church in Acts 2 - a Christ-centered, missional, intentionally diverse church.

On August 15, 2010, Christ City Church began meeting weekly in the heart of Birmingham's inner-city, Ensley, renting space from another local church in that community. After moving several times between 2010 and 2013 - largely because of space constraints - the church came to an agreement for a permanent location in Lipscomb, AL - just west of it's original location in Ensley. The Christ City Center launched in January of 2014 and remains the primary meeting space for Christ City Church.

In many ways, Christ City Church is still an infant. Only a couple of years old, there have been plenty of growing pains, all of which have been invaluable learning experiences. But Christ City Church has never been more alive and vibrant than today - living out faithfully each week our vision. To be For Christ, in the City, as the Church.